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  •  Ile de Cavallo

    Ile de Cavallo

    The billionaire’s island (ferry from Bonifacio)

    The Ile de Cavallo, ‘Cavaddu’ in Corsican, is one of the most beautiful islands of the Lavezzi archipelago in the south of Corsica, in the Strait of Bonifacio. Surfacing 120 ha, it is the biggest island of the archipelago and the only inhabited island.

  •  Ile Lavezzi

    Ile Lavezzi

    Ferry from Bonifacio

    A beautiful archipelago with an extraordinary under water life, inviting you for an amazing diving trip: a paradise like island of sand and white rocks. The Lavezzi archipelago, surfacing about 200 ha and with a maximum height of 39 metres, is situated in the Strait of Bonifacio. It is one of the most dangerous sailing routes of the Mediterranean Sea, for the great number of rocks in a small corridor and a strong current.

  •  Beach of Palombaggia

    Beach of Palombaggia

    At about 20 km

    One of the most beautiful beaches of Corsica! A true gem of the Mediterranean Sea with white sand, turquoise water, pine trees and drifting wood. The beach is almost 1500 metres long, offering peace, quiet and magnificent views on the sea and the islands. For an unforgettable view, the beach of TAMARICCIU is definitely worth a visit, as it is known for its pine tree growing on a peak. Unbelievable!!!

  •  Porto Vecchio

    Porto Vecchio

    At about 23 km

    The town of Porto Vecchio, at 25 km from Bonifacio, offers all the advantages of a beach resort as well as an extraordinary natural setting. The town holds an age-old castle and a beautiful float, as well as many places to visit. The town’s development of the past few decades makes it one of the best provided areas of the island today. Therefore, it has become the 3rd town of Corsica...

  •  Rocks and caves of  Bonifacio

    Rocks and caves of Bonifacio

    At about 4 km

    For thousands of years, the high perched town of Bonifacio was like a sentry of the Mediterranean Sea. The steep limestone rocks form a cape to the town and offer various caves formed by erosion. The rocks protrude for about 60 m above the water. The caves are an exceptional site to visit along the coast of Bonifacio. So, go out and visit the limestone rocks, the calanques and underwater caves, unique for Corsica.

  •  Forêt de L'Ospedale

    Forêt de L'Ospedale

    At about 45 km

    This beautiful pine tree forest is a renowned site for hikers who want to discover an unspoilt flora and fauna, stretching out over 733 hectare. The Forêt de l'Ospédale houses various animal species living in liberty like mouflons, wild porcs, frogs, cows and lizards. You’ll also appreciate the magnificent landscape: from pine tree forest to scrubland… and from hedges to scrubland. At 948 metres height you’ll find the artificial lake of Ospédale. A 25 m high dam, built with sand piles, is situated just above the village. The artificial lake contains 3 000 000 m3 of water and forms a beautiful lake.

  •  La Piscia di Gallo

    La Piscia di Gallo

    At about 50 km

    With about 60 metres height, La Piscia di Gallu (‘the waterfall of the spruce’) is the most dazzling waterfall of the island. It can be found in the Forêt de l’Ospédale. A beautiful spectacle. Between two walls of a rock, the rough sound of falling water can be heard, falling down from about sixty metres. The waterfall’s name originates from ‘piscia’, meaning waterfall, and ‘gallu’, meaning spruce.

  •  Historical centre Filitosa

    Historical centre Filitosa

    One of the biggest historical centres of the world

    Filitosa is listed by UNESCO as one of the biggest prehistorical centres of the world.
    A natural rock dominating a fertile land, crossed by two water streams: ideal circumstances for a colony, six thousand years before our era. The site offers various constructions. A cyclopic construction shows the habitat. The ‘torre’, a kind of donjons, form the central part of this fortification.

  •  The peaks of  Bavella

    The peaks of Bavella

    At about 80 km

    A remarkable panorama and one of the most photographed sites of the island! The massif of Bavella forms the separation between the western and eastern part of Corsica. It is situated at the heart of the Alta Rocca. The highest peak of Bavella protudes 1899 metres above the sea. From the mountain pass the massif can be observed, with read or dark grey rocks covered with black pine tree forests, mostly down by the wind!

  •  Les bains de Caldane

    Les bains de Caldane

    A moment of relaxation and natural wellness

    The waters of this spa have been known for centuries for their powerful virtues for skin problems and rheumatism. The slightly sulfureous water enters a granite basin with eight thousand liters per hour, at 38°C. Since many centuries, inhabitants of the region have been coming to the spa of Caldane for relaxation and wellness.

  •  The sheep-folds of  Bitalza

    The sheep-folds of Bitalza

    At about 60 km

    In the mountains of Cagne, the sheep-folds of Bitalza are part of the most beautiful pastoral landscapes of Corsica. With about sixty sheep-folds scattered over the prairie, Bitalza is one of the most picturesque villages of the island. The stone cabins, occupied during the weekends and summer holidays, are set around a grassy plateau with an altar and a Maria statue, forming a harmonious whole. The beautiful hiking path of Vacca up to the mountain village is accessible for all ages.

  •  Beach of  Balistra

    Beach of Balistra

    8 km from Pertamina - 10 minutes

    The resort’s favourite is situated a few minutes from Pertamina: More than 700 m of white sand, far away from the city life. Along the west coast, at the end of a sand path between the scrubland, you’ll find the unspoilt beach of Balistra. It is ideal for families and athletes. The beach is lifeguarded and accessible to disabled persons. Kitesurfing is possible when there’s enough wind.

  •  Beach of La Tonnara

    Beach of La Tonnara

    At about 10 km

    This beach is situated in a wildland, with only two restaurants. An unspoilt and quiet beach, with few visitors, except for the kitesurfers. An absolute must-see!

  •  Beach of Maora

    Beach of Maora

    At about 6 km

    In the bay of Santa Manza you’ll find a beautiful sand beach between the sea and the scrubland. The enjoyable restaurant is renowned and offers entertainment, sunbeds and parasols.
    The other beaches of the bay of Santa Manza are also accessible to the public. 5 minutes from Pertamina boats can be launched at the marina. The bay of Santa Manza is the ideal spot for Fun Board and Kitesurf professionals.

  •  Beach of Paragan

    Beach of Paragan

    At about 10 km

    The beach of Paragan is situated slightly in the upcountry, protected from the wind and the water of the Strait of Bonifacio. Another beauty of nature with white sand, turquoise water, in short: a true oasis. A coastal path crosses the bay, up to La Tonnara, situated 3,5 hours further on. Without walking all the way to the end, you’ll appreciate the magnificent views on Bonifacio and Sardinia.

  •  Beach of Piantarella

    Beach of Piantarella

    At about 10 km

    A true oasis, a lagoon with beautiful, turquoise clear water, stretching out from the beach of Piantarella up to the Ile de Piana (you can swim or walk across the lagoon!) The beach of the small Spérone in Piantarella: after a hike of about 5 to 7 minutes, you’ll end up at the finest sand beach of the island, between two peaks… a true dream beach! From the beach, you can take a small coastal path and appreciate beautiful views.

  •  Beach of Roccapina

    Beach of Roccapina

    At about 50 km from the campsite

    Capu di Roccapina is situated south of the triangle of Sartène, offering a peaky coast. The paradise like beach of Cala de Roccapina can be reached by a path starting in the hamlet Asinaja situated along the RN 196. On both sides of the cape, you’ll find amazing beaches: the large beach of Erbaju in the north and the beach of the creek of Roccapina in the south. You’ll also be able to admire a typical 17th century Corsican tower, listed as a historical monument, and the famous Lion de Roccapina.

  •  Plateau du Coscione in Pozzines

    Plateau du Coscione in Pozzines

    At about 120 km

    The 7000 ha plateau du Cuscione is an oasis of green at the heart of the island, with its ‘pozzines’ (mountain wells or ponds, a kind of prairie…) which may remind Ireland… But most of all, it is a site with various flora and fauna that are definitely worth the discovery. Panoramic view from the Alcudina; a beautiful 360° belvedere.

  •  Harbour of Tizzano

    Harbour of Tizzano

    At about 60 km

    The harbour of Tizzano, at 3 minutes south east of the pointe de Sénétosa, is suitable for medium-sized motor boats. Tizzano, the harbour of Sartène, is a small fisherman’s harbour and marina situated at the edge of a beautiful calanque with crystal clear water, offering space for 86 visitors. On the land you’ll find a few restaurants with fish and shellfish specialities. Around Tizzano you’ll find a vast landscape with sites dating from the prehistory, and listed as world heritage. Tizzano is also the ideal spot for water sports and outdoor activities.

  •  Beach of Rondinara

    Beach of Rondinara

    At about 15 km

    The shell formed beach of Rondinara is an incredible natural bay. The scrubland and the sea offer a unique and breathtaking landscape. An enjoyable beach restaurant welcomes you for lunch.

  •  Beach of  Santa Giulia

    Beach of Santa Giulia

    At about 15 km

    Santa Giulia is situated between the lagoon and the Mediterranean Sea. A lovely place for all of your senses. The white sand beach and the clear water are a delight for the entire family, but also for those who love water sports (restaurants, lounge, sunbeds, club, water sports, spots in the shade, rocks to dive from...)

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