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Seniors Special Offer

Senior stay Holidays at Pertamina Village in low season

There are a lot of advantages to staying in Bonifacio in low season. You can recharge your batteries and enjoy everything Corsica has to offer, thanks to the exceptional local of the Pertamina Village resort. Our establishment in the heart of nature offers a typically Corsican setting where life is good. To make sure you can relax and unwind on your holiday, we provide a range of services (laundry, post, safe deposit box rental, catering, fresh bread delivered daily, etc.).
You will particularly appreciate the heated swimming pool for an enjoyable swim and delicious moments of relaxation under the Corsican sun.

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Rentals at Pertamina Village in Bonifacio.

In a location where nature reigns, our holiday residences offer a calm, restful stay. Each accommodation is clearly delineated to ensure you have the privacy you need for an enjoyable stay. Mobile homes, bungalows, luxury chalets, apartments or villas - you can choose the accommodation that is right for you. Very well furnished and air-conditioned with fitted terrace for conviviality and relaxation. Your rental offers the utmost in comfort for the perfect holiday in PERTAMINA in South Corsica.

This offer does not allow you to choose your accommodation, it is defined randomly, this is what allows you to benefit from reduced and attractive prices

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Enjoy activities during your stay with your grandchildren.

In low season, by yourself or with your grandchildren, you can enjoy the activities and events organised by our entertainer. Some are aimed at children and others for the whole family; there is really something for everyone. There is a heated pool, Aquatoons and 5 water slides in the new water park, which your grandchildren will love, or you can tackle the 12 holes of the mini-golf course. You will also enjoy the warm and convivial atmosphere of Pertamina Village at any time of day, at the pizzeria restaurant or the lounge terrace.

There is an even greater range of activities on offer from June onwards. Your grandchildren will love the water park with its large swimming pools and Aquatoons (a magical pool with water features), and can ride the 5 water slides. You can watch over your family as you relax in the comfort of your sun chair in the shade of a straw hut. The kids’ club is open in July and August and offers a wide range of activities for younger children so that you can have a moment to yourself.
You can enjoy the numerous cultural and sporting activities organised by Pertamina Village at any time of day, as a couple or accompanied by your grandchildren.

In peak season, the convenience store is open to make your daily routine easier. The restaurant at the resort of Pertamina serves grilled food, pizzas, salads and regional specialities. You can also order your food to take away. At the beginning or end of the evening, you can have an aperitif or a cocktail with tapas on the lounge terrace.

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Things to see and do in South Corsica

Staying in Corsica in low season is the best way to discover the traditional, authentic side of Corsica. You will avoid the tourist crush and will have the Isle of Beauty to yourself. Visit Bonifacio and admire its famous and impressive limestone cliffs. If you like nature walks, you will love the plateau of Coscione and its Pozzines, the Aiguilles de Bavella and the forest of L'Ospedale, not to mention the River Conca and its natural pools. The picturesque town of Sartène is rich with cultural and historic heritage. Corsican cuisine is sure to form part of your agenda with plenty to discover (cold meats, cheeses, wines, etc.) and you can treat yourself to a meal in a Corsican inn, which you are sure to enjoy.
There are plenty of sites to visit and admire near Pertamina Village.

  • Falaises bonifacio

    Getaway to Bonifacio The pearl of South Corsica

    Bonifacio, the pearl of the southernmost tip of Corsica, has a wealth of treasures to discover and is only 4 km from the PERTAMINA Resort and its campsite U-FARNIENTE. Famed for its majestic white limestone cliffs, its caves that you can visit by boat from its beautiful port and its mediaeval citadel perched on the clifftop, Bonifacio is a great destination. The Bastion de l’Étendard citadel dates from the 13th Century and houses a small museum that retraces the town's history, as well as the impressive historic staircase of the King of Aragon: 187 steps carved into the rock itself. The marine cemetery at the top of the cliffs, facing Sardinia and the sea and boasting some magnificent chapels and family vaults, is a must-see location, as are the churches of Bonifacio and its 5 guilds.
    The inhabited Lavezzi Islands, located south-east of Corsica and accessible from the port of Bonifacio, form a nature reserve with their remarkable granite crags and sandy beaches that promise an unforgettable hike.

  • Bonifacio ermitage de la trinite

    The church of the Trinity A sanctuary imbued with spirituality

    This ancient sanctuary, located 8 km from Bonifacio, is in a gorgeous setting surrounded by holm oaks, olive trees and massive blocks of granite, topped with a cross. It is believed to have been occupied since prehistoric times, then by hermits, during the period when Christianity was starting to take hold in Bonifacio. This pilgrimage site boasts some spectacular scenery and an incredible view over the Mediterranean, Sardinia and Bonifacio.

  • Zonza Quenza

    Walks from Zonza and Quenza A path between the forest and the river

    There are plenty of nice surprises in store for anyone coming to Corsica on holiday. An enchanted setting in the heart of a pine forest overlooking Porto Vecchio, where chestnut trees and holm oaks line some unlikely hiking paths leading off from Zonza or Quenza. You can even hike in a loop starting and ending in Zonza and going via Quenza. This nature outing is suitable for all ages.

  • Foret Ospedale

    Walk in the forest of L'Ospedale (under 1 hour from Pertamina). Discover this unspoilt region and admire the beauty of Corsican nature.

    Take a break and get back to nature when you stay at the PERTAMINA Village resort in Bonifacio. The forest of L’Ospedale, at under an hour's drive north of Porto Vecchio, is a paradise for nature-lovers. Walk through the forest, encounter animals roaming free, marvel at the beauty of the landscapes and enjoy sporting activities at this exceptional natural site in South Corsica.


    The Lavezzi Islands A paradise accessible by boat from the port of Bonifacio

    The beauty of Corsica shines through once again in this archipelago of 23 islands. When you stay at the Pertamina Village resort and its 4-star campsite U-Farniente, devote a day to visit this little paradise. A pleasant boat trip leaving from the port of Bonifacio will take you to the Lavezzi Islands, where you can spend a few hours or the whole day, enjoying the beach, doing a bit of snorkelling, and exploring the superb nature reserve. With white sand and granite rocks, protected flora and fauna, this nature reserve is a fantastic place for a swim.

  • Sartene

    Visit Sartène A picturesque town imbued with Corsican tradition and 40 mins from Pertamina

    An essential place to visit during your holidays in Corsica! This “most Corsican town in Corsica” is perched on the rock of Pitraghiu on the western coast, south of Propriano. It has a rich historic and cultural heritage and has a long list of features to visit and discover that will appeal to everyone.

  • Golf de Sperone

    The Spérone golf course (under 10 km from Pertamina) An exceptional, unique setting on the shores of the Mediterranean

    Amateurs and professionals can enjoy their favourite sport in this remarkable setting. The famous Spérone golf course, in Bonifacio, offers an exceptional course of 18 holes spanning an estate of 80 hectares. Treat yourself to this unique experience by the shores of the turquoise waters of the Mediterranean. The Spérone golf course is listed as one of the finest courses in the world and is always a big hit with golfing enthusiasts.

  • Col de Bavella

    Hiking near the Aiguilles de Bavella

    For a breath of fresh air, head to the Aiguilles de Bavella in South Corsica! Craggy peaks and natural rock fortifications await you for walks or long hikes surrounded by unparalleled wildlife. The countryside is sumptuous and the panoramas are exceptional. The Aiguilles de Bavella and the surrounding plant life are rich with vibrant colours. This remarkable site is well worth a visit.

  • Plage Palombaggia

    Palombaggia Beach A veritable little paradise in Porto Vecchio

    The famous beach of Palombaggia in South Corsica is a little slice of heaven for some. Together with the neighbouring Santa Giulia, it is listed as one of Corsica’s most beautiful beaches. With its transparent waters, fine white sand, parasol pines and superb marine life, this jewel of the Mediterranean promises an unforgettable experience. This enchanting location on the edge of the maquis is perfect for hitting the beach as a couple, as a family or with friends.

  • Plage Santa Giulia

    Santa Giulia Beach A lagoon at the foot of the mountains

    The bay of Santa Giulia, a pearl of the South, is a lagoon at the foot of a mountain that stretches across kilometres of fine white sand, located south of Porto Vecchio and under 20 mins from PERTAMINA Village. Its deep waters make it a veritable garden of the sea for children. Parasol pines decorate this immense beach where numerous activities are available (rubber ring riding, water skiing, pedalos, etc.). Its water sports centre and the shallow water make it a favourite spot for everyone. There is something to suit every taste.

  • Plage Tonnara

    Tonnara Beach The beach of your dreams, looking out over the Tonnara Islands

    West of Bonifacio, towards Propriano, but under 10 mins from PERTAMINA Village and its 4-star campsite U-FARNIENTE, Tonnara Beach is one of Corsica's wildest beaches and offers a calm, beautiful environment. Perfect for swimming, snorkelling and relaxing. Tonnara Beach is particularly renowned for its spectacular sunsets, a delight not just for lovers! Treat yourself to an aperitif or dinner in this magical location!

  • Plage de Tizzano

    Tizzano Beach and port A haven of peace in an idyllic setting

    The little port of Tizzano is less frequently visited but has seafood restaurants and a fine sandy beach, against a backdrop of beautiful rolling hills. Located in the commune of Sartène, this little bay is a picture-postcard setting. The clear blue waters are a veritable paradise for divers.

  • Plage Paraguan

    Paragan Beach A large and incredible creek

    Located 10 km from the PERTAMINA Village U-FARNIENTE Resort, Paragan Beach extends far inland. Its granite and limestone enclave means it is protected against the wind. Like every beautiful beach in Corsica, Paragan has white sand and warm, turquoise waters. A coastal hiking path passes through the bay and offers some breathtaking, not to say unique, views.

  • Maora Beach A spectacular spot between the sea and the maquis

    it perfect for bathing, relaxation and nautical activities like diving, snorkelling, kayaking, water skiing or even windsurfing, and has multiple water sports centres. You can also find straw huts and restaurants if you want to step off the pace for a little while.

  • Balistra Beach Discover the longest beach in Bonifacio

    The longest beach in Bonifacio is a 10-minute drive from the PERTAMINA Village and U-FARNIENTE campsite holiday resort. This protected natural area is very wild and spectacular. Turquoise water, fine sand, straw huts and peace and quiet - everything you need for a day at the beach. Balistra Beach has lifeguards and an access ramp means it is accessible to everyone. Balistra Beach is also a favourite spot for windsurfers.

  • Porto Vecchio

    Get away from it all in Pianotolli-Caldarello (20 mins from Pertamina) A haven of peace and quiet in the Figari gulf

    Pianotolli-Caldarello is two seaside hamlets near the gulf of Figuri, in south-west Corsica and 20 mins from PERTAMINA Village. Come and visit and discover the typical architecture of southern Corsican villages. The houses hewn from the granite itself and the bell tower of the parish church are well worth seeing. The gulf of Figari, a hotspot for kitesurfing fanatics, is also worth a visit. You can even add a couple of kilometres to your walk and check out the little village of Monaccia d’Aulène.

  • Pianottoli Caldarello

    Get away from it all in Pianotolli-Caldarello (20 mins from Pertamina) A haven of peace and quiet in the Figari gulf

    Pianotolli-Caldarello is two seaside hamlets near the gulf of Figuri, in south-west Corsica and 20 mins from PERTAMINA Village. Come and visit and discover the typical architecture of southern Corsican villages. The houses hewn from the granite itself and the bell tower of the parish church are well worth seeing. The gulf of Figari, a hotspot for kitesurfing fanatics, is also worth a visit. You can even add a couple of kilometres to your walk and check out the little village of Monaccia d’Aulène.

  • Piscia di Gallo

    Trip to La Piscia di Gallo The steepest waterfall in Corsica

    When you come to South Corsica on holiday, make sure you visit the impressive “cockerel's waterfall” (La Piscia di Gallo). This magnificent sight is located in the heart of the forest of l’Ospedale. A waterfall 60 metres high churns down over the rocky wall. Don't miss this magical moment when hiking through the forest as a couple, as a family or with friends.

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